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People-Centred Creative Business Scale-Up Programme

A survival and scale-up routemap for entrepreneurs and thier businesses


This is an outline proposal for review and feedback only and not yet available to entrepreneurs, business owners or funders. Should you be interested in taking part in this programme either as a beneficiary or as a funding partner or investor, please email Mark Kass CEO Enterprise4Good Group by clicking the button below.

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about HiveBuzz

Working with YOU to Scale-up Your Business

We focus on the person behind the success of your business....You!

We provide independent, confidential and unbiased access to valuable resources, tools, space, time AND a network of support.

Your committment is flexible depending or your needs AND the needs of your business

HiveBuzz is an annual programme with FIVE Key Intergrated Themes developed locally :






1/. 1-2-1 COUNSELLING - Work alongside an experienced Business Counsellor and former entrepreneur to help you take your business to the next level.

2/. FOCUS ME MOMENTS - Mandatory 

 mini-workshops designed to get everyone in the right frame of mind.......mindfullness for real business people focused on growth.

3/. SHARED LEARNING HUBS -  dip in and out of our business growth workshops (subject to availability)

4/. HIVEBUZZ CREATIVE ACCELERATOR  - apply to be invited to join our bespoke intense 100 Day Programme as one of 10 entrepreneurs immersed in quality coaching, mentoring, training and personal and product development.

5/. HIVEBUZZ CREATIVE NETWORK - Your automatic invitation to join a group of like-minded locals keen to do business with each other, represent the industy and connect with others to develop an exciting and creative local business community

Keeping it Local with Expert Experiences

The Enterprise4Good team  have over 25 years of business start-up and scale-up based on their own real-life experiences as entrepreneurs.

It is likely that we've been there, seen it, done it, bought the tee shirt & lost the tee shirt and our role is to help you learn from our successes ....and our failures!

If we can't help directly, we're certain we know expert professionals who can and our team happily works with industry specialists across all sectors who we'll happily all upon them to help you to if needs be.

Despite all that, we need to make this programme relevant. We don't just take books off the shelf and re-quote, re-teach and re-print; we'll create a Local Experts Panel and work with you, on a local level to find out what you tell us you NEED rather than us deliver what we think you WANT...demand driven, not supply led!

Service and Reliability

We're totally committed to pushing all our efforts and funding into delivering front-line support for entrepreneurs and their businesses. 

Our Founders are well established entrepreneurs in their own right and as accredited business start-up and scale-up professionals, have worked with thousands of owners and directors of small businesses. Working in partnership with local authorities, central and regional government departments and  private and community businesses we deliver measurable social and economic impact....with you at the heart of everything we do.

focus me moments

Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Scale-up Leaders

Every day we read about stress at work, it "being lonely at the top" and 20 hour working days. Our mandatory "Focus Me Moments" seminar programme embeds  planning & coping tactics into enterprise growth strategies that prevent and deal with these....key factors for holding back business scale-up.

Enhanced decision making

Tools for understanding people, product, process and performance

Effective communication

Finding out what makes people tick and integrating strategy to tell great stories that encourage sustainable growth

Confidence in Change, Engagement & Resilience

Pulling together data and rationale that leads to fresh approaches to business and continuous improvement

Stronger teams and leaders

Hiring, motivating and developing high performing teams for scalability

Superior creativity and innovation

Techniques for analysing, breaking and making to make a sustainable difference

Flexible Programme Content

1-2-1 Business Counselling

Unlimited 1-2-1 private, confidential, independent and unbiased business counselling meetings with experienced entrepreneurs will help you make the right decisions to grow you business. Its business but its personal!

Shared Learning Hubs

Working together in small groups these hubs are not just classrooms. They're facilitated business development and peer-to-peer learning, coaching & mentoring sessions designed purely with collaboration for scale-up in mind. Certificates are issued and there's a graduation ceremony at the end of the programme.

Networking, collaborating  scaleups creative businesses working together

HiveBuzz Creative Network

Participants automatically become members of our sector-specific social network. There's a dedicated online portal to share, promote and debate and there's regular important meet-and-greet networking events that will create collaboration opportunities to scale-up your business and will involve food, nibbles and the obligatory exchange of business cards.

Opt-in Learning Hub Elements

Sample Annual Programme Final content to be developed following Focus Group work


Invitation Only Fast-track to Scale-up

For those determined to invest time and effort into fast-tracking their scale-up, then applying for a space on the HIveBuzz Creative Accelerator brings together all our Core & Industry Learning Elements into one intensive 100 Day campus-style scale-up environment.

Apply before Applying

We work with totally committed entrepreneurs that have already developed their idea, launched and started trading and want to zoom in and focus on what makes them stand out above the rest. We ask you to apply to us in advance to secure a place...we want make sure this is the right route to scale-up before you sign-up.

Tools & Support

Once you've made it onto the Accelerator Programme, we'll help you build traction for your business plan,providing access to valuable resources and support that set you off on the scale-up route

People buy People

this is definitley not an online programme! This is all about people, networking, coaching, mentoring and counselling. Our network of investors, partners, mentors and experts will share their insights to help you grow your business.

Not for the Faint-Hearted

Accelerators aren't just quick routes to cash or a free place to work! We'll challenge your ideas, put more straucture into your organisation,leveraging in new and exciting ideas from your mentors, getting you quickly up-to-speed for rapid growth

Commitment to your Cohort

Accelerator is unique with an exciting make-up participants that work together as peers, critics and we hope buddies to make the 100 days really valuable.

We'll only offer a fixed number of seats to applicants so alongside our tough application process, we may ask you for some security around your booking onto the Accelerator.


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